Cara Black

Cara Black

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Birthdate: February 17, 1979
Birthplace: Harare, Zimbabwe
Residence: Harare, Zimbabwe
Height: 5
Weight: 121 lbs. (55 kg)
Turned Pro: Jan 1 1998
Current WTA Singles Rank: 679
Current WTA Singles Points: 34
Current WTA Doubles Rank: 88
Current WTA Doubles Points: 969


Cara Black is a professional female tennis player from Zimbabwe. She is the current World No. 1 in Doubles.

Cara Black Timeline





Ranking and Points History

July 13, 200967934 
July 6, 200968734 
June 15, 200968034 
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Cara Black Titles

Partial list of titles won by Cara Black

2010ASB Classic (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2009AEGON Classic (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber), Open GDF SUEZ (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber), Dubai Tennis Championships (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2008AEGON Classic (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber), AEGON International (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber), Dubai Tennis Championships (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2007Dubai Tennis Championships (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber), Open GDF SUEZ (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2001Pilot Pen Tennis (doubles, partnering Elena Likhovtseva), AEGON Classic (doubles, partnering Elena Likhovtseva)
2000ASB Classic (doubles, partnering Alexandra Fusai)

Cara Black Finalist

Partial list of tournaments where Cara Black is the finalist.

2010Open GDF SUEZ (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2009US Open (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2008Qatar Ladies Open (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber), Miami Masters (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2007Pilot Pen Tennis (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber), Miami Masters (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2006Brisbane International (doubles, partnering Rennae Stubbs), Open GDF SUEZ (doubles, partnering Rennae Stubbs)
2005Qatar Ladies Open (doubles, partnering Liezel Huber)
2003Dubai Tennis Championships (doubles, partnering Elena Likhovtseva), ASB Classic (doubles, partnering Elena Likhovtseva)
2002AEGON International (doubles, partnering Elena Likhovtseva)
2001AEGON International (doubles, partnering Elena Likhovtseva)
2000ASB Classic, AEGON Classic (doubles, partnering Irina Selyutina)

Cara Black Titles


2002 - Waikoloa
1999 - ITF/Santa Clara, CA-USA;
1997 - ITF/Mission, TX-USA, ITF/Dinard-FRA;
1996 - ITF/Nitra-SVK;
1995 - ITF/Gabarone-BOT, ITF/Harare-ZIM.
2000 - Auckland


2009 - Paris [Indoors], Dubai, Madrid, Birmingham, Cincinnati (all w/Huber);
2008 - Antwerp, Dubai, Berlin, Birmingham, Eastbourne, Stanford, Montreal, US Open, Zurich, Tour Championships (all w/Huber);
2007 - Australian Open, Paris [Indoors], Antwerp, Dubai, Wimbledon, San Diego, Moscow, Linz, Tour Championships (all w/Huber);
2006 - San Diego, Zurich (both w/Stubbs);
2005 - Antwerp (w/Callens), Rome, Wimbledon (both w/Huber), Stanford, Zurich, Philadelphia (all w/Stubbs);
2004 - Sydney, Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Wimbledon, San Diego, Filderstadt, Zurich (all w/Stubbs), Antwerp (w/Callens);
2003 - Hobart (w/Likhovtseva), Stanford (w/Raymond);
2002 - Porto (w/Selyutina), Bali (w/Ruano Pascual);
2001 - Hobart, Hamburg, Rome, Birmingham, San Diego, New Haven (all w/Likhovtseva), Tokyo [Princess Cup] (w/Huber);
2000 - Auckland (w/Fusai);
1998 - ITF/Santa Clara, CA-USA (w/Selyutina);
1997 - ITF/Delray Beach 1, FL-USA, ITF/Athens 1-GRE, ITF/Kiev 1-UKR, ITF/Tucuman-ARG (all w/Selyutina);
1996 - ITF/Gelos-FRA (w/Vaidyanathan), ITF/Sao Paulo 5-BRA, ITF/Sao Paulo 6-BRA (both w/Selyutina);
1995 - ITF/Nairobi-KEN (w/Burton); 1994 - ITF/Nairobi-KEN (w/de Villiers).
2009 - US Open (w/Huber);
2008 - Doha, Miami, Moscow, Linz (all w/Huber);
2007 - Miami, Toronto, New Haven (all w/Huber);
2006 - Gold Coast, Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Paris [Indoors], Stuttgart, Tour Championships (all w/Stubbs), Montreal (w/Groenefeld);
2005 - Doha, Berlin, Roland Garros (all w/Huber), Luxembourg, Moscow, Tour Championships (all w/Stubbs);
2004 - Vienna, Tour Championships (both w/Stubbs);
2003 - Auckland, Dubai (both w/Likhovtseva), Filderstadt (w/Navratilova), Philadelphia (w/Stubbs);
2002 - Scottsdale, Eastbourne, Tour Championships (all w/Likhovtseva);
2001 - Berlin, Eastbourne, Tour Championships (all w/Likhovtseva);
2000 - Birmingham (w/Selyutina), Stanford (w/Frazier), US Open (w/Likhovtseva);
1999 - 's-Hertogenbosch (w/Boogert), Quebec City (w/Graham).

Mixed Doubles

2008 - US Open (w/Paes);
2004 - Wimbledon (w/W.Black);
2002 - Roland Garros (w/W.Black)
2004 - Roland Garros (w/W.Black).


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